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SCHULZ at the 151st "Braumeisterstammtisch"

Bamberg - As co-organizer of the 151st “Braumeisterstammtisch Bamberg und Umland”(=regular get-together event of brewmasters), KASPAR SCHULZ welcomed the multitude of guests who had traveled to the event. This time, the venue was the Greifenklau Brewery in Bamberg, where attendees gathered in a relaxed atmosphere for an exceedingly informative evening. Exciting presentations by the Bamberg brewery plant manufacturer shaped the evening's program, which was ultimately rounded off by a tour of the host's new SCHULZ brewhouse.

The regular gathering of regional brewmasters and brewery owners invited guests to its 151st edition at the Greifenklau Brewery in Bamberg on February 28th. With 120 guests from near and far exceeding the officially registered 60 attendees, the committee, consisting of Johannes Schulters, Martin Neubert, and Andreas Trunk, visibly delighted in the high turnout. The continued strong response even after the anniversary event reflects the relevance and establishment of this get-together.

Confident outlooks

Following a brief address by chairman Schulters about the upcoming excursion in April, he handed over the floor to Kai Neubauer. The managing director of the traditional company KASPAR SCHULZ, who has been in office since October 2022, expressed gratitude for the large turnout and thus the significant interest shown. Despite the challenging situation in the industry and the overall economy, he remained optimistic about the future. Especially against this backdrop, he was pleased with the high commitment of his entire workforce.

Energetic renovation

Following this, the head of research and development at the family business, Jörg Binkert, illustrated to the audience the growing importance of efforts towards energy efficiency through his presentation. The practical example of the host, the Greifenklau Brewery, demonstrated the positive impact of energetic renovations. Brewery owner Sigmund Brockard VI. parted ways with his copper 40hl SCHULZ brewhouse from the 1950s, which his grandfather acquired in 1970, and ventured into the change to a fully automated 20hl “Braublock” - also from SCHULZ. There was great satisfaction as he spoke of the results of the renovation. Through this step, he can now enjoy a 90% energy savings. Whereas previously he needed 10m3 of gas for the production of one hectoliter of wort, the new system requires only 1m3 of gas for the same amount, which significantly impacts finances due to the steadily rising gas prices.

Solution for small and medium-sized breweries

In addition to its market knowledge, the globally operating brewery plant manufacturer is known for its technical innovation, which it once again demonstrated with its latest product development. The increasing trend towards non-alcoholic beer often poses difficult challenges for breweries. Faced with high investment costs, many brewery owners already utilize existing technical prerequisites of well-known colleagues to produce their non-alcoholic beer "off-site" in order to still participate in the market. Independent production was often simply not feasible from an economic standpoint. During the event, Jörg Binkert presented the new SCHULZ Wizard, which offers small and medium-sized breweries the opportunity to cost-efficiently produce non-alcoholic beer in their own brewery. Before the brewery tour began, he also explained to the audience the additional functions of the de-alcoholization unit - consisting of a carbonation and blending unit, a HTST and a water degassing module - which make the Wizard a true all-rounder.