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SCHULZ Beerfestival 2023

The event for true beer enthusiasts

Every year, a unique event captivates experts from the beer, brewing, and beverage industry: The SCHULZ Beerfestival 2023.

Organized and established by the traditional company KASPAR SCHULZ, the festival provides an exclusive stage for dedicated SCHULZ customers, interested parties, and relevant individuals within the industry.
The SCHULZ Beerfestival 2023 will take place on the 1st of December 2023, directly following the world's largest beverage trade fair, BrauBeviale in Nuremberg (28th-30th November 2023).

Tasting of over 100 beer specialties

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the festival includes around 100 different beers from around the world, available for tasting on the premises. Visitors also have the opportunity to engage with the brewers of the beers on-site and have fascinating conversations.
The exact beers presented at the SCHULZ Beerfestival 2023 will remain under wraps until the day of the event. One thing is certain, though: international classics, regional favorites, and exciting craft beers come together to showcase the immense diversity of brewing art in the world's city of beer.

Networking in the beer city of Bamberg

Since its inception, the SCHULZ Beerfestival has positioned itself as a respected and significant platform for nurturing existing business relationships and establishing new contacts. Ultimately, it's a place where one can celebrate away from the prior bustling of trade fairs – all in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, accompanied by chilled beers and exceptional culinary offerings.

Promotion of Beer Culture and Brewing Scene

One of the goals of the SCHULZ Beerfestival is to actively contribute to the promotion of beer culture and the brewing scene. The intimate on-site atmosphere creates a unique opportunity for the personal exchange of knowledge and passion.

Industry Insiders

What sets the SCHULZ Beerfestival apart is its exclusive focus and distinctive ambiance. Just like in previous years, around 500 industry guests are expected. This presents a unique opportunity to connect and exchange experiences exclusively with like-minded individuals. Another reason that makes the SCHULZ Beerfestival so special lies in the venue itself. The festival takes place within the production halls of KASPAR SCHULZ. It's the place where the magic of the world's oldest brewery machinery manufacturer happens every day. As such, participants can experience the unique spirit of KASPAR SCHULZ up close.


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Please note that registration for the SCHULZ Beerfestival is not allowed for individuals outside the beer, brewing, and beverage industry. As a result, there might be cases where participation is canceled.