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SCHULZ founds Academy for Beer Culture

Bamberg - KASPAR SCHULZ, the world's oldest brewery equipment maker, has announced the re-establishment of the SCHULZ ABC - Academy for Beer Culture. They have published the schedule of seminars for the current year.

Bamberg's oldest industrial enterprise has always been known for its innovative brewing plants designed for sustainability. The company, run by its 10th generation of family owners, has launched the SCHULZ ABC – Academy for Beer Culture to encourage people with a passion for beer to come together.

A multifaceted programme of seminars and events, ranging from hop technology to business start-up forums to the world-famous beer festival, encourages discussion and stimulates the transfer of knowledge, opening up new opportunities for everyone. The SCHULZ ABC facilitates the exchange of ideas between specialists from the most diverse branches of the brewing trade and related professions, establishes new networks and so helps to identify market trends at an early stage.

Of course, KASPAR SCHULZ products are the central point of reference for SCHULZ ABC. Most importantly, participants will find that the door is always open, giving them direct access to the experts and services of a company steeped in tradition. “Only if we understand the latest trends, are aware of the current economic and legal conditions and, above all, always maintain a close personal relationship will we be able to shape our unique beer culture in a passionate and future-oriented manner,” says Johannes Schulz-Hess, Managing Director and owner of KASPAR SCHULZ Brauereimaschinenfabrik & Apparatebauanstalt GmbH.