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A platform of the SCHULZ brand family for business friends, interested parties and beer enthusiasts. With regular discussion sessions, training courses, product presentations and events.

Tradition shapes the future

Progress and further development have always been the forte of the SCHULZ brand family. This is why our company has thrived over the centuries. In other words: modernity is an essential part of our DNA. By tradition.  

This is why we decided to launch the SCHULZ ACADEMY FOR BEER CULTURE. It is a forum that connects people with each other. And we are setting an example, taking responsibility and moving into the future with confidence.

Networking, communication and support

The goal of the SCHULZ ACADEMY FOR BEER CULTURE is to bring together people with a strong passion for beer. A multi-faceted, constantly updated schedule of seminars and an interactive platform encourage discussion and stimulate the transfer of knowledge, opening up new opportunities for everyone.

The SCHULZ ABC facilitates the exchange of ideas between specialists from the most diverse branches of the brewing trade and related professions, establishes new networks and so helps to identify market trends at an early stage. It is our express intention to help shape international beer culture in a sustainable and profitable manner.

Human, innovative and passionate

Naturally, the products of the SCHULZ brand family are the central point of reference for our work in the SCHULZ ABC. But almost as importantly, our partners will find a door that is always open, giving them direct access to our experts and services.

Our innovative brewing plants are designed for sustainability and extraordinary durability from the ground up. Nowadays, technological change can be extremely rapid, so it is vital for us to never lose touch with our customers to help us meet their need for excellent service.

We want our work with SCHULZ ABC to bolster this uniquely personal relationship, one which is evident in the passion of our employees.

Safeguarding deeply rooted beer culture

The SCHULZ ACADEMY FOR BEER CULTURE will become an authentic and inspiring hub where our business friends and partners can regularly find out more through a wide range of discussion sessions, training courses, product presentations and recipe developments.

Because we are sure of one thing: Only if we understand the latest trends, are aware of the current economic and legal conditions and, above all, always maintain close personal relationships will we be able to shape our unique beer culture in a passionate and future-oriented manner.


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