Engineered to enjoy. Since 1677.

Refinement in
its purest form

The Brewers' Still unites the trinity of brewing, malting and distilling. The SCHULZ philosophy “Engineered to enjoy since 1677” stands for the best results across the entire grain-to-glass process.

The system in detail

The SCHULZ Brewers' Still is a meticulously crafted and refined still based on the pot still method for producing the finest whisky.


Easy operation
and maintenance

• Individual system components can be replaced
• Optional modular expansion

High economic efficiency and sustainability

• Energy-efficient steam heating
• Durable components

Beneficial synergy effects
for breweries

• Integration in brewery automation systems
• CIP-capable vessels

SCHULZ Brewers’ Still

KASPAR SCHULZ has providing customers with premium technology throughout our history. In addition to our renowned brewery equipment, we also produced stills and malting plants until the 1950s. Since then, drum malting has become an integral part of our product range in the form of the SCHULZ malting system and has proved to be an international success for our mid-sized company.
After intensive research and development, SCHULZ can now present our own still: The SCHULZ Brewers’ Still