Engineered to enjoy. Since 1677.

Technical details
SCHULZ Brewers’ Still

The SCHULZ philosophy “Engineered to enjoy since 1677” stands for the best results across the entire grain-to-glass process. And all from a single source.

Specially designed for breweries and based on the pot still process, the Brewers’ Still comes with pot sizes of 250 to 1000 litres. Modelled after Scottish distilleries, it features a copper condenser, lyne arm and meticulously crafted copper hood clad in oak. From grain to glass, the product is superbly refined to create the finest whiskies.
This robust system is constructed from carefully selected materials combined with modern manufacturing techniques and functional design. It is both easy to use and simple to maintain. Individual parts of the system can be replaced once the high-quality copper has reached the end of its service life.
The modular design also enables the SCHULZ Brewers’ Still to be upgraded efficiently and cost-effectively to meet any increase in production demands.

  • Selection of durable, high-quality components
  • Adapted to brewery environments
  • Steam heated pot stills for top energy efficiency
  • Intelligent combination of copper and stainless steel capitalises on the advantage of both materials
  • Sales, engineering, assembly, installation and commissioning from a single source
  • High-quality finish in copper or oak cladding
  • Gentle heating through circulation of liquid
  • Wash spreader plate and circulation of pot contents during distillation prevents foam forming
  • Integrated pre-chilling of cooling water prevents hot water overproduction during distillation
  • Optional modular set-up on a base frame is ideal for easy transport, installation and faster set-up on site
  • Optional integration of distillery in the brewery automation system
  • Enables CIP for the entire distillery
  • Lower costs by sharing brewery utilities: air, glycol, steam and hot water