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As a family business in its tenth generation, our customers benefit from the accumulated and constantly evolving expertise of the world's oldest brewery equipment manufacturer.








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Brewed to perfection with SCHULZ.

In good hands every step of the way. Namely, in ours: Our entire range of products and services are provided solely by SCHULZ employees. SCHULZ holds true to its location in Bamberg, and values expertise and a personal employee-client relationship over the widespread outsourcing trend. The result? Top product quality and outstanding collaboration assured in the long term.

Helping our clients maintain a competitive edge.

Through intensive research and collaboration with universities, SCHULZ is ushering the brewing tradition into the 21st century. At SCHULZ, we are responding with real and future-oriented solutions to demands for energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and streamlining and to the growing quality requirements in terms of taste: In-house developments, such as our groundbreaking Gentle-Boil method (SchoKo) and our carbon-negative breweries, are used successfully worldwide sparing both the environment and your budget in the process.

Helping keep beer culture alive.

As a market leader in the pub brewery sector, SCHULZ understands the interplay between product quality and creating an appealing atmosphere. Our brewery systems meet the highest aesthetic demands. Whether in a classic or modern look, stainless steel or copper, every detail of the brewing facility is worth a look. We even take it one step further. We can also embed your brewing facility in the respective building – a unique service in Germany. Whether traditional beer or craft beer; a vintage style or exclusive design – remind your guests why beer culture is still thriving today. They’ll thank you for it.

Refine your ideas with SCHULZ.

347 years of tradition and innovation.

From a small coppersmith’s shop in 1677 to an internationally successful company – a success story worthy of the name.


  • 1677

  • 1703

  • 1747

  • 1768

  • 1804

  • 1853

  • 1874

  • 1887

  • 1915

  • 1956

  • 1968

  • 2008


On 11th January 1677, Christian Schulz, a coppersmith from Bamberg, took over the workshop of his deceased master, thus laying the foundation for a company history spanning more than 347 years. In addition to household items made of copper, Christian Schulz also forged brewing kettles for the brewers in the then Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg. He became a sought-after coppersmith and one of the key figures in the guild of Bamberg coppersmiths. Christian Schulz founded a line of coppersmiths who continued his business, constantly advanced their expertise and helped shape the history of Bamberg's crafts, trades and industry over centuries. The “Stammhaus”, the Schulz family's home, workplace and living quarters, was surrounded by numerous breweries. The Schulz coppersmiths profited greatly from this location and their early specialisation in brewing technology. Over the span of 10 generations, Christian Schulz's coppersmith's workshop grew into an innovative company for comprehensive brewing technology. SCHULZ is a success story and Bamberg's oldest industrial enterprise still in existence.

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The SCHULZ dynasty: 10 generations

  • 1652–1732
    Christian Schulz
  • 1677–1750
    Hanns Geörg Schulz
  • 1719–1767
    Tobias Schulz
  • 1748–1830
    Jörg Schulz
  • 1782–1865
    Andreas Schulz
  • 1821–1874
    Friedrich Schulz
  • 1856–1915
    Kaspar Schulz
  • 1888–1985
    Adalbert Schulz
  • Born 1943
    Günter Schulz-Hess
  • Born 1976
    Johannes Schulz-Hess