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Hotel reservation
for the Beer festival 2023

Hotel National


B&B Hotel


General Notes:

Please note that only a specific number of rooms are available for a limited time. The reserved rooms from the KASPAR SCHULZ room allocation will be available only until the individual booking dates of the respective hotels. After this period, these rooms will be released for general sale. If the KASPAR SCHULZ room allocation for a specific accommodation is fully booked, it does not necessarily mean that this or other hotels in Bamberg do not have available rooms. It simply indicates that our reserved allocation has been used up or has expired. For any inquiries regarding hotel bookings, please contact the respective hotels directly.
The hotels are responsible for the individual bookings – KASPAR SCHULZ assumes no liability, warranty, or responsibility.

For our guests attending the SCHULZ Beer Festival 2023, we have arranged an exclusive room allocation in various hotels in Bamberg. This allows you to enjoy your stay in a relaxed and stress-free manner.