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HTST systems

A flash pasteurization system, also called a high-temperature short-time (HTST) processing system, is used to preserve a wide variety of beverages and foodstuffs. The product being preserved undergoes a special process. The aim is to use the basic principle of pasteurisation to destroy unwanted strains of yeast and micro-organisms, for example, and thus rid the product of germs or other unwanted bacterial impurities. This prolongs the product’s shelf life and ensures better quality. This allows consumers to enjoy their food safer and for longer.

First of all, the product is heated by means of a plate exchanger and then transported to the heating unit. This is where the product is heated to the pre-set and desired temperature so that pasteurisation can take place. The heat level reached must then be maintained for a certain period of time. This is achieved by simply passing the product through a section of pipe of a certain length. The length of this pipe section determines the time for which the product will be kept at the pasteurisation temperature. The product then needs to be cooled back down, which is done in a plate exchanger. Finally, a heat exchanger cools the product down to the storage temperature. The product has now completed the process.

  • Extended shelf life
  • Tailored to each individual type of food
  • Improved quality.

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KASPAR SCHULZ is the only company in the world in the field of brewing, malting and distilling to offer its customers a full-service package with the best quality in these three segments from a single source.

A multitude of innovations, patents and technical masterpieces are combined in the huge and diverse product range. As the oldest brewery machine manufacturer in the world, we are bringing tradition into the future. Expertise accumulated over three centuries flows into the continuous improvement of our technology and products.

Bucking the growing trend towards outsourcing, we still prefer to do everything ourselves – gladly and highly successfully, at that. If SCHULZ is on the label, the product is an original SCHULZ made entirely in Bamberg from the first production step to plant commissioning.