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Vacuum expansion evaporator

Already installed in over 60 brewing facilities, the SCHULZ expansion evaporator is the most popular modern boiling system in Germany. A new combination features a wort dispersion plate built into the wort kettle for enhanced efficiency during the gentle boiling process.

The content of undesirable aromas can be reduced by more than 60% without losing a significant amount of water to evaporation. Simmering the wort should not involve evaporating as much water as possible in the shortest time possible. Rather, it is about allowing the wort content to reach its desired quality within an appropriate time frame. Simmering the wort is now performed by the spreader plate while the expansion evaporator handles evaporation. It is installed where the cooling tun was always the most effective: right in front of the plate cooler In this case, however, the process occurs in an airtight system, free from exposure to oxygen. Brewers can look forward to a final product with a perfect foam head and exceptional flavour stability. We have broken the magic energy consumption limit of less than 1 litre of fuel oil per 100 litres of wort. Re-heating any reserve hot water can be eliminated because the vacuum system performs evaporation at 80°C.

  • Energy-optimised boiling system
  • Higher product quality
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Sustainable water consumption

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KASPAR SCHULZ is the only company in the world in the field of brewing, malting and distilling to offer its customers a full-service package with the best quality in these three segments from a single source.

A multitude of innovations, patents and technical masterpieces are combined in the huge and diverse product range. As the oldest brewery machine manufacturer in the world, we are bringing tradition into the future. Expertise accumulated over three centuries flows into the continuous improvement of our technology and products.

Bucking the growing trend towards outsourcing, we still prefer to do everything ourselves – gladly and highly successfully, at that. If SCHULZ is on the label, the product is an original SCHULZ made entirely in Bamberg from the first production step to plant commissioning.