Go ahead and brew all your own beer and let freshness sell itself!  With our smallest professional brewery – the Bräutheke from KASPAR SCHULZ – you can set a new trend among customers by offering  beer brewed exclusively in house. The “Bräutheke” is a complete brewery for beer production ranging from 100 hl / a up to 1,000 hl / a.  The brewing technology consists of a brewhouse module, plus a fermentation and storage tank module.  The custom-brewed beer can be filled into barrels and/or bottles “direct from the tank”.  Alternatively, it is possible to tap the beer directly from the bright beer tank.



The brewhouse module, completely pre-assembled on a framework (Two-unit brewhouse with 2.5 hl cast-out volume) with classic copper or stainless steel cladding includes:

  • 1 mash and wort kettle, steam heated
  • 1 mash – lauter tun / whirlpool
  • 1 steam-heated hot water tank
  • 1 single-stage wort cooler
  • 1 electric steam boiler for heating the mash and wort kettle and the hot water tank

Module comes fully piped and electrically wired Dimensions: Length: 3.50 m;  Width: 0,95 m;  Height: 2.26 m



The fermentation and storage tank module consists of:

  • 4 cylindroconical fermentation and storage tanks with 2.5 or 5 hl content; the tanks are insulated with an automatic temperature control
  • 1 glycol cooling unit

Module comes fully piped and electrically wired Dimensions: Length: 5.35 m;  Width: 0,99 m;  Height: 1.96 m

Due to the insulation of the tanks, both “modules” can be placed in either the standard work area or inside the actual restaurant.  It is of course possible to receive each individual tank in the size that you require in place of the full module. Upon request, the beer can be filtered and filled into bottles or barrels.