The SCHULZ CIP mobile

The days of brewers stumbling through the brewery donning rubber boots and wielding beakers to clean their tanks with concentrated chemicals on the spot are long gone. Small businesses, for whom acquiring a stationary CIP system would break the bank and for whom the recycling of cleaning agents makes no economic sense, can now turn to SCHULZ for a more perfect solution: the CIP mobile — for a fully automated cleaning system.The mobile CIP system, together with the necessary chemicals*, is connected on-site to the tank in need of cleaning, the mobile return pump, and to water and electricity for a safe and hygienic operation. A web-based remote control can be used in conjunction with the SCHULZ app, available for both smartphones or tablets, and offering wireless reliability with industrial WLAN. The precise dosage is determined using three different detergents, which are applied according to the conductivity values. Water volume, flow rate and formation of any build-up are recorded by means of an IDM and flow sensors, and the various tank geometries are controlled accordingly. Energy consumption can be calculated and archived. A cleaning protocol is provided to comply with burden of proof regulations.

* Required dimensions for the 25 kg concentrate canisters: 44x31x26 (HxWxD). 3 canisters can be used.