SCHULZ Brewers' Still

Technology of the highest pedigree is part of the history of KASPAR SCHULZ. Next to the renowned breweries, the company also produced malting plants and distilling equipment up until the 1950s. The international success of the malting plants with their germination and kilning drum has helped them become a staple in the family-owned business’ product portfolio.

Research and development have brought forward new distilling equipment: SCHULZ Brewers’ Still.

Driven by innovation, SCHULZ integrates distilling into a trifecta with malting and brewing. Specially designed for breweries and the pot still process, the Brewers’ Still utilizes pot sizes of 250 to 1,000 liters. Modeled after Scottish distilleries, it is designed with a copper condenser, lyne arm and meticulously crafted copper hood with a cladding of CNC-machined oak. The system empowers the distiller to fully control the complete processing chain from raw barley to the polished whisky.

Mixture of materials combined with modern manufacturing techniques and functional design culminate in a highly robust system. Special attention was given to ease of use and maintenance. The design allows for replacement of single pieces of the Brewers’ Still enabling the longevity of the system of a whole.

A modular design also enables the SCHULZ Brewers’ Still to be efficiently upgraded and expanded to meet production demands.

Following our philosophy “Engineered to enjoy” SCHULZ stands for best results over the whole value chain from grain to glass. All from a single source!

Brewers’ Still – Benefits

• Selection of long-life cycle high quality components
• Adapted to brewery environment and utilities
• Steam heated pot stills for highest energy effi ciency
• Benefi ts from copper and stainless steel are utilized by smart combination of both materials
• Sales, engineering, assembly, erection and commissioning from one source
• High quality cladding fi nishes in copper or massive oak
• Gentle heating through circulation of liquid
• Foam prevention during distilling by wash spreader and liquid circulation during distillation
• Integrated pre cooling of chill water avoids hot water over production during distilling
• Modular setup on a base frame enables simple transport, erection and reduced time during start up
• Possibility of adding the distillery to the brewery automation system
• CIP of the whole distillery possible
• Saving of costs by utilizing brewery based utilities: Air, glycol, steam and hot water