The piping in our block brewhouses has been convincing industry experts for years now - not only through its compactness, but also through its ability to exceed top standards in quality and flexibility. The advantage to this particular piece of equipment is a space-saving construction process that doesn’t sacrifice the variety of piping options offered with larger brewing plants. All SCHULZ brewhouses thus make it possible to implement both infusion and decoction mashing processes. Our newly developed valve clusters add even more to the already long list of Schulz advantages. They’ve helped boost our high-quality standards to new heights without compromising the space-saving compactness. This enables both the lauter tun and whirlpool to be cleaned at any time, even while the circulating boil over the dispersion plate is underway. Additionally, the construction and positioning of the pipe branch fittings have been optimized to avoid dead space and to prevent a backwash of mash residue during the mash transfer. The hygienic design, together with our modern orbital welding technique, is guaranteed to improve your product throughout the various steps of the brewing process. The new valve clusters will be standardized in all future 2-vessel brewhouses with a cast out volume of up to 25 hl in the corresponding diameters.