Gentle-boil System SchoKo

Already installed in over 60 brewing facilities, Gentle-boil system SchoKo 2.0 is the most popular modern boiling system in Germany.  A new combination features a wort dispersion plate built into the wort kettle, making for enhanced efficiency during the gentle boiling process.

Without a significant amount of water lost to evaporation, the content of undesirable aromas can be reduced by more than 60%.  Simmering the wort should not involve evaporating as much water as possible in the shortest time possible, rather allowing the wort content to reach its desired quality in an appropriate time frame.  The Gentle-boil system SchoKo 2.0 is installed where evaporation has always been the most effective—between the whirlpool and the wort cooler.  This is similar to the conditions the so-called Kuehlschiff (Eng. Cooling tun) provided in the past, only here the process occurs within in an airtight system, free from exposure to oxygen.  Brewers can look forward to a final product with a perfect foam head and exceptional flavor stability.  The energy consumption comes out to less than 1 Liter of fuel oil per 100 Liters of wort (approximately 1 gallon of fuel oil per 26 gallons of wort).  Because vacuum evaporation can now take place at 80°C (176°F), the re-heating of any reserve hot water can be eliminated. Thanks to the complete recovery of evaporation heat, the amount of hot water generated in the evaporation condenser is considerably reduced.