SCHULZ Braumatik S7

The SCHULZ BRAUMATIK S7 automation system is the high-tech solution for managing all control tasks in the brewery and beyond. The system runs on the basis of the Siemens S7, which means it has all the capabilities of an industry standard. We’ve installed the system in over 20 breweries worldwide and they have been running to our customers’ satisfaction ever since. Below is a brief list of components and features:

  • We rely on the PLC (programmable logic controller) of the Siemens S7 series for our automation hardware—the very best in terms of reliability, security, and flexibility. 
  • The signal input/output is preferably implemented over the ProfibusDP or Profinet. This way, the systems can be set up with a decentralized periphery, when necessary. This reduces the total installation time and guarantees maximum flexibility, should there be any adjustments and/or expansions planned.
  • The automation software always runs on the PLC program; free programming of all the parameters is guaranteed by the visualization system. The formula is sent to the PLC at the start of each task.
  • Standard PC using Microsoft Windows as the control system with all visualization and control functions; Connection to PLC via the industry standard Ethernet.
  • The process visualization is run on Simatic WinCC software. Recipe and task management involves using a propriety development from the company Pfenning Elektroanlagen GmbH. The latter has been fully integrated into the complete system and provides the user with complete transparency. The main functions include: Visualization of the brewing facility showing the layout of the plant’s entire input/ output signals, displayed with graphics; Manual and automatic function for all equipment (valves, motors, etc.); Each step of the sequence plus individual parameters illustrated with graphics; Recipe displayed in tabular form with editing capabilities for target values, control systems, control functions, etc. ; Arrangement of "brew-orders" ie. a pre-selection of variety and start time; Tool for displaying all system and error notifications.
  • Simple editing and indicator functions for protocol and line recorders
  • Option to change language settings to German, English, or any desired national language—even during operation –with no risk to consistency
  • Option for remote alerting via phone call, through which any pending system and/or error notifications can be retrieved (the messages are then read aloud to the caller)
  • Option for remote maintenance from PC; Control system and fieldbus level network
  • Hierarchical password protection for all modules