SCHULZ Filtration System 

To live up to our reputation as the most innovative system supplier for the best beers in the world, we at SCHULZ are rounding off our range of products with the development of a wholly new, custom filtration system – without the use of kieselguhr (diatomite) as a filtration medium. Beer loss and oxygen intake are reduced to an absolute minimum, making the SCHULZ filtration system attractive even for small-scale brewers.
A continuous dosage of filtering aids (cellulose and/or perlite) ensures that the permeability of the candle and flexibility with fluctuations in the filter inlet are maintained. Furthermore, the use of a downstream particle filter is rendered obsolete thanks to special depth filter cartridges.
For operating batches of more than 10,000 hl, the service life of the filter can be increased, as is shown in the unit pictured here, by a separator and adjoining buffer tank. The modular design allows for a gradation of the filtration capacity in a 15 hl/l increment.
Through the integration of a heating rod in the dosage vessel, the latter also acts as a CIP & sterilization tank for the filter.

The »clear« facts:
• Kieselgur-free precoat filtration
• Capacity of 15 hl/h/module
• Built-in CO2 nozzle cuts down on oxygen intake
• Cuts down on beer loss
• Flexibility with regard to different unfiltrate conditions (craft beer)
• Compact
• Dosage vessel can also function as CIP & sterilization tank for the filter
• No downstream particle filter necessary