Turnkey Breweries

Make SCHULZ your choice for both building and brewing: Every detail of your brewery project is in good hands with our outstanding team.  Whether it’s the building design, part manufacturing, or installation, every detail is ironed out according to the customer’s wishes.  In our mind, success lies not only in state-of-the-art brewing technology, but in the ongoing dialogue with the client as well. 

We offer the following services:

  • Planning and design of complete, mid-size breweries with up to approx. 400,000 hl of annual capacity
  • A contact person on-site for every stage of implementation (we refrain from outsourcing, even for assembly and maintenance)
  • Dimensioning (layout) and delivery of: Malt milling equipment, brewhouses, energy-saving systems (e.g. vapor condenser, vapor compressor, and Gentle-Boil System SchoKo 2.0), water tanks, wort cooling treatment, lactic acid plants, fermentation  and storage tanks, yeast storage cellar incl. purely cultivated yeast, CIP systems, filtration, pressure tanks, keg and bottle filling equipment (in cooperation with reputable suppliers), consumption and waste figures, refrigeration systems, compressed air systems, power and heating supply.
  • Additionally: Assembly and commissioning of the complete brewery and assisting the transition of the master brewer