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Technical details
SCHULZ brewing plants

SCHULZ has created nothing less than the best for all stages of the brewing process. We constantly refining our equipment and processes to keep them at the cutting edge of technology. All variants of SCHULZ brewhouses guarantee efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.


KASPAR SCHULZ brewhouses are of the highest quality and designed to be visually perfect. We always aim to meet customer requirements and adapt our systems to on-site conditions to achieve optimum results. From small experimental/lab breweries to large mid-sized breweries.


• Durability over multiple generations thanks to high quality standards
• Easy to operate
• Flexible mashing processes
• Output from 50 litres to 300 hectolitres
• Specially developed Pioneer Pro control system for the highest levels of automation
• Sustainable energy technologies for future-proof power supply
• Multiple, space-saving unit variants
• Technical innovations for end products of measurably higher quality
• Energy recovery for emission-free operation.


The SCHULZ Braublock is the all-rounder in the brewing plant sector. It is suitable for both infusion and decoction mashing processes and is available in different unit designs (2G, 3G or the Brauhaus, our pub brewery model). It can be used to make brews ranging from 5 hectolitres up to 25 hectolitres. To keep the installation time on site as short as possible, the SCHULZ BRAUBLOCK comes pre-assembled on a metal frame and has been pre-piped, pre-wired and tested. This has the further advantage that the brewing plant takes up little space and can be tailored to the customer's on-site requirements.

Brewing block equipment:

• Mash/wort kettle
• Lauter tun
• Whirlpool
• Header and hot water tank
• Atmospheric re-evaporation unit

In the area of the mash and wort kettle, the laterally mounted flow baffles ensure a smooth flow and improve circulation and mixing. The spent grain can be easily and safely (certified safety) removed from the lauter tun through the side opening. In addition, the spent grain removal blade can be hooked in or folded down according to individual requirements. The lautering process is then controlled intelligently and fully automatically by measuring the differential pressure. The whirlpool allows the hot trub to be separated with great precision to produce optimum results. Finally, the split boiling system developed and patented by KASPAR SCHULZ evaporates undesirable substances (e.g. DMS) to prevent the end product from tasting off and to guarantee the highest quality. Heating zones in the base and frame heat your future beer gently.


SCHULZ Bräuhaus transform the enjoyment of beer into a vibrant experience. The attractive systems with highly polished copper or stainless steel hoods complement your pub perfectly. Not only do they provide fresh beer brewed right before your guests’ eyes, but also create a great atmosphere. The perfect setting for relaxed enjoyment and socialising.
Slow food, a growing appreciation of ecology and quality coupled with the booming success of regional products: create the perfect, contemporary experience for your guests.