Hot Water Technology

Water’s ability to conduct heat is unparalleled. By using standard heating technology with a flow temperature of <120 ° C (≈250 ° F), a biomass heating system is now economically feasible for microbreweries.

It’s all made possible by Kaspar Schulz‘s reliable wort technology—the Gentle boil System SchoKo 2.0 and the SchoKolino 2.0. Hot water with a temperature of <120°C (≈250 ° F) serves as a medium for heat transfer to warm the brewing vessel. Above all, the advantage lies in the fact that by employing said standardized boilers, the use of biomass furnaces in microbreweries becomes economically viable. In the long-term, you will observe an increase in energy efficiency and, eventually, the use of fossil fuels will be replaced by biomass material. In addition to adequate brewhouse technology is the need for an intelligent automation solution. Communicating the processes to be controlled is important in order to compensate for the inertia of a biomass boiler. A consistently high heating rate of the mash and wort make for a more reliable process sequence and consistently high wort quality. When selecting a boiler manufacturer, Kaspar Schulz puts their trust in the experience of HEIZOMAT—over 20,000 boilers under their belt and an all in-house manufacturing philosophy to boot. 100% Made in Germany.