„I can’t believe you’re still actually doing it all yourselves!“ is a comment we regularly hear from visitors on guided tours around our production facility. What had previously been the norm has, for some time now, become a talking point. Cheaper manufacturing outlays, less demanding regulation and lower wages induce many firms to engage foreign plants to produce the lion’s share of their catalogue. But that means they frequently need to factor in poor standards of workmanship and production line outages. 

We are a family business, now in our tenth generation, whose foundation dates back to a small coppersmith’s workshop set up in the year 1677; we identify intimately with those early beginnings and cherish the craft tradition that underlies our roots. The 340 years and more that have elapsed since have time and again taught us one thing above all else. It is this: if we’re to uphold our high standard of quality, do justice to our own ‚BEST OF SCHULZ‘ boast and supply our customers with an absolutely top-class product, we have no option but to keep control over production in our own hands. 

Comprehensive expansion of our plant in 2015 (in an investment value exceeding 1.3 million euros) is but the latest step towards ensuring that Bamberg remains the centre of our operations. We have now incorporated a vertical integration machine into our production line, combining the work done previously by separate decoiler and longitudinal seam-welder equipment, and we’ve brought in a special grinder for upright vats. From metal sheet to finished vessel, each and every stage of production is carried out in Bamberg. 

Not only is there benefit to us, with our entire production flow optimised and no wasted line capacity, but customers are also better served in many ways, from straightforward communication with a dedicated contact to production input from experts with skill and knowledge that are nowhere surpassed, to quickly getting you a team for assembly, servicing and repair works and, to ultimately cap it all, a „made in Germany“ hallmark for a product manufactured to unflinching quality standards worthy of your reliance. 

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