The Erlanger Mountain – known for its „Bergkerwa“ and the popular beer garden „Entlas Keller„. Its cellar corridors and rooms are already over 330 years old and at that time were mainly used for beer storage Now their own beer is to be brewed right there. But building a completely new brewery in a mountain is a demanding challenge.

Preparations are in full swing in Erlangen, while the construction and production of the brewery is progressing in Bamberg. With some unique features such as the separate whirlpool, the glass hop dosing units and the challenging spatial conditions at the future installation site, extremely detailed planning is essential.

Episode 3/4 of our documentary „Die Brauerei im Berg“ shows one of the most exciting parts of a brewery project. After months of work, specially dug tunnels, broken-out wall corners and lowered floors, the task now is to navigate the highly individual system components intact through narrow and winding cellar corridors to their right position. Once this very precise work is done, the elements are reassembled and piped up again, followed by the signal test before the brewery is ready to brew the first batch of beer.

Ready, set, brew! In episode 4 of „Die Brauerei im Berg“ the new brewery can finally be inaugurated with the first brew. While brewing the first beer together, an amber-colored bock beer, Vincenz gets to know the system and processes and last details are adjusted so that he can exploit the full potential of this gem in the future. Eight weeks later, while tasting the first beer, the project participants draw a summary and Vincenz provides an outlook which future beers we can expect from Entlas Bräu in Erlangen.

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