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Technical details
SCHULZ malting system

The SCHULZ malting system consists of an external conical steeping vessel and a germination-kilning drum with connected aeration technology.
SCHULZ has used the most advanced technologies available to design an automatic and flexible malting system that can turn out a variety of reproducible high-quality malts and malt products.


Simple operation. An extremely high level of automation ensures a pleasant, less labour-intensive malting process that will cut down on work hours. The automatic program gives you user-friendly access to process steps, parameters and recipes — no programming knowledge needed.

Wide range of products. The huge variety of malts that can be produced in the malting drum leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to processing of a wide variety of grains, it has enormous potential for boosting product diversity and for distribution to all malt-processing industries — and all in line with the most stringent food safety standards.

Outstanding malt. Eliminating additional turning devices that can crush or damage the grain ensures that the grain is mixed uniformly and gently. Uniform distribution of the grain during each step of the process guarantees homogeneous products of the highest quality.


  • The right unit for companies of any size: 2; 5; 10 and 25 tonnes of barley per batch
  • Easy system expansion with additional germination-kilning drums when using existing components (steep, heating and ventilation technology, glass tube heat exchanger, automation)
  • Flexible batch sizes of 25–100% overall capacity
  • High level of automation reduces the workload
  • Revise and enter recipes easily with no need for programming skills
  • Process alternative grains for maximum product variety
  • Temperatures of up to 130°C in a closed system can be used to produce a wide range of malt varieties.
  • Pristinely hygienic conditions in line with the strictest current food industry standards
  • Unique appearance and design
2 to barley/batch 100
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5 tonnes barley/batch 250
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10 tonnes barley/batch 500
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25 tonnes barley/batch 1250
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External conical steeping vessel

  • Circumferential grooves for catching any overflow of floating barley automatically remove straw, husks or other floating impurities from the grain
  • The spreader circulates the grain, has a cleansing effect and mixes the grain perfectly
  • Pneumatic ventilation via circulating tube or strainer basket in the conical area to guarantee homogeneous mixing and loosen up the grain
  • Fan for CO2 extraction in the conical section to remove CO2 produced during dry steeping
  • Spray nozzles for automated cleaning
  • Steep conical section for easy gravity-fed discharge
  • Engineered as a closed vessel with a hood to protect the product from foreign contaminants

Germination-kilning drum

The SCHULZ malting system’s germination-kilning drum is a rotating drum unit mounted on four wheels. Both the germination and kilning phases are carried out inside the drum.

  • A double-sided rotation capacity of the drum ensures optimal and gentle mixing conditions.
  • Both germination and kilning take place inside the drum. This eliminates the need to transfer the green malt and dispenses with the time-consuming task of cleaning the germination drum.
  • A spray bar sprays the grain evenly with water to keep the moisture content of the grain perfect at all times.
  • The green malt rests loosely on a false floor through which the germination and kilning air can flow freely and evenly through the grain. The diameter of the false floor’s holes can be adjusted for smaller grain sizes.
  • Frequency-controlled spiral conveyor as an input / output unit
  • Drum frame and walls completely insulated
  • Stainless steel construction for scrupulous food safety standards and easy cleaning
  • Laser safety light grid for maximum work safety

Aeration system

  • The aeration system is controlled fully automatically, adjusting the airflow parameters to any fluctuations in the crop and/or outside air to ensure consistent quality.
  • Air conditioning unit with cooling coil to balance environmental conditions as accurately as possible and produce standardized quality.
  • Intelligent energy-saving mode uses the cold outside air in winter while maintaining the recipe parameters.
  • Air humidification to prevent the product from drying out in dry air conditions
  • Indirect air heating dries the green malt gently and saves energy
  • Glass tube heat exchanger recovers heat and saves energy
  • Frequency-controlled kilning fan
  • Fully stainless steel air ducts