SCHULZ at a glance:

  • Single-source supplier of turnkey and fully automated brewing systems, fermentation and storage tanks plus special-purpose vessels
  • Unique, comprehensive service portfolio
  • Employees: about 194
  • Production area: 5.500 sqm
  • Founded: 1677
  • Managing Director: Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Schulz-Hess
  • Registered offices: Bamberg, Germany 


Brewed to perfection with SCHULZ.
For over 335 years, breweries, pubs, and their investors all around the world have been benefiting from the innovation and expertise at KASPAR SCHULZ – the world’s oldest brewery plant manufacturer. A family business in its 10th generation, SCHULZ produces, upon request, fully automated brewing facilities, including fermentation and maturation tanks. Worldwide delivery, plus a wide spectrum of services help make Schulz the unique company it is today.

In good hands – every step of the way.
Our entire range of products and services are implemented solely by SCHULZ employees, who provide customers with expert knowledge. SCHULZ values a personal employee-client relationship over the widespread outsourcing trend. These collaborative efforts, together with top quality products and a long term guarantee, help form the foundation for your brewery’s success.

Helping our clients maintain a competitive edge.
Through intensive research and collaboration with universities, SCHULZ is ushering the brewing tradition into the 21st century. We are responding to the call for energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and a rationalization for the growing quality demands in terms of consumption. In-house developments such as the groundbreaking Gentle-Boil System SchoKo 2.0 and our negative-CO2 breweries are being successfully implemented worldwide, sparing both the environment and your budget in the process.   

Helping keep beer culture alive!
As market leader in the restaurant brewery domain, SCHULZ understands the fine interplay between product quality and creating an appealing atmosphere. Our brewery systems meet the highest aesthetic demands: Whether a classic or modern look, stainless steel or copper, every detail of the brewing facility shines through. And we even go one step further: We install every client’s brewing facility according to the corresponding design scheme. Whether traditional or craft beer; a nostalgic look or an exclusive design – remind your guests why beer culture is still thriving today. They’ll thank you for it.

Brew with SCHULZ.