The SCHULZ Bräuhaus makes having a beer an entirely new experience.  Aesthetically pleasing with their high-gloss polished copper or stainless steel hoods, these facilities are adapted to suit your brewpub and contribute to the overall atmosphere.  Freshly brewed beer, live in action – the ideal context for relaxed enjoyment and conviviality.

Slow Food, organics, and an increasing quality awareness as well as an appreciation for regional products are back on consumers’ radar.  Provide your guests with the perfect contemporary answer to their needs!

Our Bräuhaus success story: 

  • Over 300 brewhouses in over 50 countries. 
  • A single-source solution, KASPAR SCHULZ is responsible for the planning, organization, and interior design
  • Tradition and expertise in boiler manufacturing; innovation and craftmanship; stable automation– all to ensure a consistent quality.
  • All styles of beer possible
  • Built according to high German quality standards