Mobile pressure tank for dry hopping in cold area or used as hop back between whirlpool and wort cooler for use of hop pellets or cone hops.

The SCHULZ Rocket S is available in 2 different sizes:
Designed for maximum pellet load of 10 kg (S-10) or 50 kg (S-50).


  • Flexible use for hop pellets and cone hops
  • No oxidation by oxygen free atmosphere
  • Ideal extraction results and gentle treatment
  • Constant results by defined contact time
  • No CO2 losses in beer
  • Flexible use in different process steps and areas
  • Mobile frame and integrated comfortable worktable

Dry hopping in the storage tanks

The dry hop pellets are placed in the Rocket. The closed tank will be flushed with CO2 and pressurized. The two outlets of the storage tanks are connected to the special pump and build a loop to circulate the beer. With the help of the underpressure of the self priming and self-venting centrifugal pump the pellets are sucked into the circulation loop. The beer in the storage tank will be homogenized with the use of the circulation pump. (A second pump is not required)

Using the strainer and the tangential circulation loop, it is also possible to extract only the hopoils into the beer without getting bigger quantities of solids into the tank.

The hops solids could then be added in the brewhouse to use the bitter units.

The vessel can also be used for cone hops, wood chips, spices from which you just want to extract the aroma, without bringing them into the beer tank.

For larger amounts of hops the process can be repeated in depressurizing and refilling.

The Rocket is protected during the operation vía the interconnection to the beer tank (bunging apparatus and safety valve from beer tank)

Aroma hopping before the wort cooler

To reduce the amount of hot trub in the whirlpool, the Rocket with strainer can be used for extraction of hops in the hot zone between whirlpool and wort cooler. 

The SCHULZ Rocket S includes a self priming frequency-controlled centrifugal pump with inducer for gentle flushing in of hop pellets integrated into mobile Rocket frame.