Beer & Bamberg

Here you’ll find additional websites centered around beer, plus specific recommendations for the Bamberg area.

Fascinating World Heritage Site
The city of Bamberg’s official tourism website

Bamberg, The City of Beer
The true capital of beer plus links to all 9 of the city’s breweries

Beer from Bamberg
The background story of each of the breweries in Bamberg

Beer Cellar Guide
An overview of all the regional beer cellars and/or beer gardens

Franconian Brewery Museum
in Bamberg
Michaelsberg 10f (in the courtyard of the Michaelsberg monestary)
Tel. 0951 / 53016
open beginning of April– end of October
Wed–Sun., 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Private Brewpubs
Beer culture meets hospitality
Visitors are encouraged to experience a traditional German tavern & inn

Upper Franconia— “Beer Country”
This region boasts the highest density of breweries in the world. Here you’ll find links to the majority of the upper Franconian breweries

Bier Shop Bamberg
Have Bamberg beer shipped directly to your home

Private Breweries
KASPAR SCHULZ is a member of the Private Brewery Organization


Weyermann ® Specialty Malts

Bamberger Mälzerei (Malt manufacturer)

Heinrich Leicht

HW Brauerei-Service GmbH

In addition to the above links, please note those in the various reference lists as well.