energy calculator

Here you can easily calculate the amount of CO2 you can save by using the SchoKo gentle boiling system for your wort boiling process.  By providing the current prices for oil or gas, the calculator will estimate savings from a financial standpoint as well. 
(The following are approximate calculations.  Information is supplied without liability and is subject to change.)

Cast out wort in hl:
Evaporated amount in hl:
Annual production in hl:
Current oil price in €/l:

Savings in €/hl:
Savings in € per Year:
Savings in kg C02/hl:
Savings in t CO2 per Year:

The Gentle-boil System SchoKo 2.0 has a two-fold payoff:  Its energy efficiency helps minimize costs in your brewing facility and ultimately contributes to a better quality product.