SCHULZ easyControl

The automation system SCHULZ ecBrew is a compact controller for systems with a fixed range of automation. The technical specifications are as follows:

  • The S7-compatible PLC control system has 16 inputs, 16 outputs, 4 analog inputs 4-20 mA 10 bits, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs + / - 10 V, 10 bit.  It is programmable with Siemens Step 7 software
  • Includes a system status indicator, operated via a 12.1” touch screen built into the switchboard.

The control system is primarily used in our small brewing facilities and makes it possibly to choose whether the automatic function should take over a significant portion of the necessary manual and visual steps.  This option lightens the brewer’s load by about 75% and perhaps more importantly, guarantees both consistency in the process technology and a homogenous product quality.