System Optimaischer

The combination of a pre-masher and our newly developed radial agitator enables a gentler, more homogenous mixing-in of the mash. With its dual component process, the SCHULZ System Optimaischer guarantees a high quality product, even with fluctuating quality of raw material. 

  • The pre-masher mixes the dry grist and water into a finished mash. In this step, the dispelled dry grist passes over a cone, which disperses it downwards. Simultaneously, water is fed in from the top and bottom of the tun and thoroughly mixed with the grist. 
  • The agitator: This method of introducing the mash, in combination with the newly developed radial agitator, makes it possible to significantly reduce the agitator’s rotation speed during the mashing-in process. 
  • The result: Oxygen intake and shear stress on the mash are reduced to a minimum, which in turn significantly reduces energy consumption during the mashing process. The radial flow of the mash also prevents a buildup of floating husks.