Thurs. September 17th – Fri. September 18th

SCHULZ International Seminar for Braumatik & Maintenance Management


  • Orientation and background functions of the Braumatik automation system
  • Recipe Management
  • Tracking Tool
  • Potential operating errors
  • Optimization of important parameters to increase production efficiency
  • News / Upgrades (such as lautering management)
  • Open Q & A session / Special applications
  • Evening dinner and outing with seminar participants (at the invitation of the organizers)

  • Potential malfunctions
  • Lubricants - food industry
  • Exchange of status displays / content displays
  • Maintenance of three-part guide agitators
  • Stuffing box packing
  • Developing an individualized service an maintenance schedule
  • Safety during maintenance work
  • Guided tour of Bamberg & Schlenkerla Brewery Lagerkeller

Course Objectives:

Avoid production downtime, diagnose errors quickly, secure data completely – in this course you will be familiarized with the interplay between all control components and thus gain a better understanding of the entire system controls. By adjusting parameters that shape the operations, brewplant efficiency can be increased significantly. In an open question and answer session, we will come together to solve any application-related problems and, if necessary, discuss possible upgrades.

Target audience:

  • brewmasters
  • brewers
  • plant operators
  • owners


  • Bamberg, Germany 


1,5 days

Participant fee:

420€ plus VAT

Seminar includes: training materials, snacks, joint seminar evening event, city tour